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District Contacts


r.w.bro. Tom Auber

District Grand Prefect



Geoffrey Keer


Dep. District Grand Prefect



v.w.bro. Peter Rollin


District Grand Secretary



James Fry

District Grand Director of Ceremonies





Council Secretaries and Meeting Dates


Peter Worby

East AngliaCouncil No52


01603 405819

peter.worby @

2nd Friday April, 3rd Friday July, 2nd Friday October

Terry Lewis

Constable Council No 82


01359 258770

lewisterrytory @    1st Wednesday March, May and November

David O’Leary

Fenland Council No 97


01487 711016

david.oleary @

3rd Wednesdays April, July and September



Beeston Regis Council No139


01263 713155

ras473 @

4th Tuesday January, 3rd Tuesday June, 1st Tuesday September

James Fry

Cyrus and Darius

Council No 157


 01449 741171

jamesfry702 @

 3rd Monday May, 1st Monday July, 2nd Monday September

Geoffrey Keer

Boadicea Council No 170


01473 780341

geoffrey.keer @

3rd Saturday May and 4th Saturday October



Icknield Council No 209


01206 822935

brian.heasman @

1st Monday June, October and December




Council No. 223

Lowestoft, Southwold and Great Yarmouth

01473 652555

ted.flack @

2nd Wednesday May (L), 2nd Wednesday July (S) and 3rd Tuesday September (GY)




M.W.Bro. Thomas Firth Jackson – Grand Master


District of East AngliA


District Grand prefect

R.W.Bro. Thomas Frederick Auber



Deputy District Grand prefect

W.Bro. geoffrey alan keer p.g.s.d.



District Grand Secretary

V.W.Bro. Peter Rollin P.G.S.D

Jacques, back street

Garboldisham, diss, norfolk. IP22 2sd

Tel: 01953 681362




From the District Grand Prefect:



As you progressed through the Craft, the degree of Mark Master Mason and the Royal Arch, to a point where you are now considering the next step in your Masonic career,

the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees is one that is open to you.

Having learnt that each Masonic step teaches a new lesson in our relationship with our Great Overseer, God, with ourselves and with our fellow men, the five Allied degrees, together with the installation ceremony, will likewise add new lessons to your store of Masonic knowledge and increase the pleasure to be derived from your Masonry in general.

These five separate and beautiful degrees, which are usually taken over a period of two years are briefly outlined within this leaflet.

The Allied District of East Anglia covers the Masonic provinces of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, with Councils as far apart as Sheringham,  Newmarket, Diss, March and Ipswich, and we also have a peripatetic daylight Council (Peregrination), with a breakfast festive board preceding the meeting.

I very much hope that you will decide to join what is one of the fastest growing orders

in Freemasonry. If you do, then please contact your nearest Council secretary and he will be delighted to make the necessary arrangements. If you prefer you can call me on 01394 384419, or email me on . I’m sure you won’t regret it.


R.W.Bro. Tom Auber


Who can join?


You must be a member of the Craft, Royal Arch and a Mark Master Mason


Where can I join?


You can join a council which meets in Ipswich, Diss, Stowmarket, March, Sheringham,  Newmarket and one which holds meetings in Southwold, Lowestoft and Yarmouth. (Contact details overleaf)


How many meetings a year?


Councils meet three times a year


How much will it cost me?


A joining fee, plus an annual subscription. Each council sets in own rate


What regalia will I need?


None, until you have completed all five degrees. You can either purchase a set of miniature jewels or a composite jewel. District and Grand officers wear a collar with a jewel attached



A Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees was established in 1897, with headquarters at Mark Masons’ Hall.  Following an understanding reached in 1931 the Grand Council has been responsible for five Masonic Degrees namely:



St Lawrence the Martyr


This teaches a lesson in integrity and fortitude from the sufferings of St Lawrence who gave his life rather than betray his principles.

This is the first degree to be taken by all candidates. 

The business of the Council is conducted in this degree.


The remaining four degrees may be taken in any sequence.


Knights of Constantinople.


This degree explains the relationship between the Emperor Constantine and his subjects.  The ceremony is entertaining and amusing but at the end the candidate realises the importance and virtue of humility.


Grand Tilers of Solomon

A very dramatic degree set in the secret vault beneath the Temple.  This teaches us to reflect on the danger of carelessness and hasty judgment.


Red Cross of Babylon

This covers a gap between the Craft and Royal Arch.  Zerubbabel obtains permission to commence rebuilding the Temple.  The lesson here is of the supreme importance of truth.


The Order of the Grand High Priest

It is thought by many that this should be the last degree taken, it covers the 400 years from the blessing of Abraham by Melchizedeck to the consecration of Aaron as High Priest. The candidate is anointed, consecrated and set apart to the service of God in the High Priesthood.  This is a truly memorable and very special ceremony that is uplifting.