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AMD Small Jewel Set

St. Lawrence the Martyr JewelSt Lawrence the Martyr

This teaches a lesson in fortitude from the sufferings of St Lawrence, it is the first degree to be taken by all candidates and it is in this degree that new members are admitted.

The business of the Council is conducted in this degree, all Councils are opened and closed in this degree.

The installation of master and the appointment of officers is conducted in this degree. 

The remaining four degrees may be taken in any sequence.

Knights of Constantinople.Knight of Constantinople Jewel

This degree explains the relationship between the Emperor Constantine and his subjects. The ceremony is entertaining and amusing but at the end the candidate realises the importance of humility.



Grand Tilers of Solomon JewelGrand Tilers of Solomon

A very dramatic degree set in the secret vault beneath the Temple. This teaches the candidate to reflect on hasty judgment.




Red Cross of BabylonRed Cross of Babylon Jewel

This covers a gap between the Craft and Royal Arch. Zerubbabel obtains permission to commence rebuilding the Temple. The lesson is of the supreme importance of truth.



altThe Order of the Grand High Priest

It is thought by many that this should be the last degree taken. The candidate is anointed, consecrated and set apart to the service of God in the High Priesthood.

This is a truly memorable and very special ceremony that is uplifting.



Officers in the Various Degrees
St. Lawrence Knights of Constantinople Grand Tilers of Solomon Red Cross of Babylon Grand High Priest
      R.A. Council Persian Court  
W.M. or P.M. Ill. Potentate W.M. Rev. Prelate Thrice Ill. Sov. Ex. President
S.W. Ch. of the Builders S.W. 2nd Principal Master of House Vice President
J.W. Ch. of the Artisans J.W. Chaplain Master of Calvery Chaplain
D.C. D.C. D.C. D.C. D.C. M. of Ceremonies
S.D. Senior Conuctor Conductor   Master of Infantry Conductor
J.D. Junior Conductor Capt. of the Host Jewish Guide   Herald
I.G. Guarder   Capt. of Temple Guard Capt. of Persian Guard Steward
Steward     Jewish Guard Persian Guard  
Steward     Jewish Guard Persian Guard  
Tyler Sentinel   Sentinel Sentinel Sentinel


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